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What Are Low-Doc Loans?

Low-doc loans are a great solution where borrowers can afford the loan repayments but are unable to disclose full income details. Low-doc loans are popular amongst self employed applicants or where they have an irregular income stream.

What Are Equity Loans or Lines of Credit?

Equity loans or lines of credit allow borrowers to unlock the equity in their properties for any worthwhile purpose such as renovating, investing, motor vehicles, children's education, etc. These types of products provide a low cost option to other forms of personal lending with the flexibility of allowing interest to capitalise.

What Are Combination or Blended Loans?

Combination or blended loans allow borrowers to spilt their home loan into a partly fixed and variable portions. This provides borrowers with the flexibility of a variable rate product and added certainty of a fixed rate loan.

What Are Fixed Rate Loans?

Fixed rate loans protect borrowers against interest rate rises for a given period of time although work against borrowers when rates fall. Fixed rate loans are popular amongst investors and home owners that require a level of security when forward planning their repayments.

What Are Standard Variable Rate Loans?

Standard variable rate loans are known for their flexibility and features. Partly fixing, loan splits, offset, additional repayments and redraw are usually standard with this type of product.

What Are Basic Variable Rate Loans?

Basic variable rate loans are extremely popular due to their low interest rates. The trade-off with these types of products is that they are limited on features.

Who regulates HLS activities?

Heffernan Lending Solutions operates as a Full Member under the governance of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA). Membership of the MFAA comes with strict criteria regarding ethics and codes of behaviour. Transgression of these ethics or codes may result in the suspension of our license to operate.

Does HLS have or market its own Home Loan products?

No, our business is about finding you, our customer, the most suitable product or home loan for your needs. We do not have any home loan products of our own.

Why not go directly to the Bank?

Why limit your choice? You don't buy a car without shopping around first, so why do it when shopping around for a home loan? A Bank or lending institution would offer you one of their loans, quite often one of their highest priced loans. At HLS however, we can compare the best loan from our extensive range of lenders in one visit, ensuring that you make the right choice of loan for your particular circumstances.

Why use a Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage brokers, like doctors and dentists, are experts in their field. As experts, they know the mortgage market inside out and are able to provide you with advice regarding the options available to you, having an expert to relieve the mystery of it all can be a great way to go. A mortgage broker can take away the confusion that may occur when applying for finance. They can assess your situation, provide good information about lending criteria, associated costs involved and take care of the loan application. They can prevent borrowers from wasting time and energy applying for a loan that is not right or won't be approved. Choosing to use a mortgage broker can be a very positive step when arranging your home loan. At the end of the day, we can provide you with everything you need to ensure that organising your home loan is a good experience.

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  • HLS recently refinanced our company's commercial loan. The service provided by the team was exceptional. Their customer service was fabulous in returning all our calls, keeping us informed of all developments and from research I know they brokered us the best deal possible. Thank you!

    Rod & Rosalind, Eden

  • We've completed our last 2 loans through Gerard Heffernan-one on our investment property and our home loan. Gerard removed all the angst from the borrowing process, he was hugely knowledgable around the different products and thoroughly supportive through the process. I highly recommend him!

    Donna and Glenn, Kambah

  • After being messed around from a bank, HLS sourced a loan that suited my needs with very little stress and no hassles in a short amount of time.

    Andrea, Candelo

  • After being long term tenants we decided to leave the rental market to buy our own home. We spoke to HLS and with their assistance with everything from the first home owners grant to our loan application and dealing with Solicitors and real estate agents, ensured we were in our home within 5 weeks. Thanks guys!

    Wayne & Jodie, Candelo

  • Thank you very much for all your help and making the purchase of our new home so easy. We have moved in and are very happy with it. Feel free to drop in and have a look anytime.

    Scott & Tracy, Bega

  • Thanks to the fast, friendly and professional service from HLS, we had our loan in days, not weeks. Thanks Bernie

    Barb and Dave, Eden

  • We have known Bernie as a family friend for many years so did not hesitate to ask for his help with the purchase of our second home near the beach. His polite and happy manner made an intricate process very simple, stress free and manageable in a very short time. We will be using Bernie’s expertise for the purchase of our next holiday home. Thanks Bernie

    Mark & Roxanne, Pambula Beach