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Leasing finance

Leasing is a great option for businesses of all sizes as it is allows you to have the latest equipment in place while minimising the effect on your cash flow and offering tax benefits.

Keep Costs Down

Leasing allows you to access equipment for your business without outlaying the entire purchase costs upfront and instead making monthly payments over an agreed period.

Tax Benefits

Since you or the business only lease the equipment, and don't own it, you will be able to minimise tax payable on it. This is a great option for both households and businesses and is frees up more money for other expenses, savings or investment.

The Best Lease Option

Every lease and situation is different and so it is important that we find the right solution for you. We work with over 30 lenders so, once we understand your situation, that means we can shop around for the best deal for you. You won't just be sold a product from a limited list so you will be able to rest easy that it really is the best solution for you.

For example, At the end of a lease there will be an amount left which you can pay to own the equipment. This is known as a balloon payment, however, not all balloon payments are made at the end of the lease.

If you have cash reserves, or own some equipment that can be traded-in, such as a vehicle, then you may be able to make a balloon payment upfront and reduce your monthly costs and still own the equipment at the end of the lease. This would then allow you to trade-in or sell the equipment, make another balloon payment, and upgrade your equipment.

We can provide lease finance for most industries and for most purposes such as:

  • aircraft;
  • computer equipment;
  • construction & earthmoving equipment;
  • marine craft;
  • medical equipment;
  • motor vehicles;
  • property;
  • printing equipment; and
  • shop fit-outs.

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